Tree House Beach Family Photos Mombasa

I’ve traveled to many beautiful places and learned that Mombasa, Kenya is really home to me. Do you want to know why? It’s the sunshine all year round. ⁠Mombasa beach and sunset are my favorite mixture for family photography on the Kenya Coast.⁠ And the reason why is really big! Always warm and sunny climate! Did you know the Kenya coast averages about 25″ of rain a year? A WHOLE YEAR.⁠ It rains rarely, and the weather is so always sunny that I never use weather apps. This is why Mombasa will be your best choice for beach family photos in Kenya!

Why Beach family photos?

Beaches are such amusing locations for family photos. Especially, if you don’t live close to the beach, let us do something different to remember your time in Mombasa. I have a list of Kenya beaches that are perfect for family photos. I am always happy to give a suggestion on which beach is best for little kids and family-friendly. Your entire experience with me as a photographer should be full of joy and excitement. This is why finding the best Kenya beach for family photos is so important.

What if my kids don’t behave?

Many times I listen to concerns from parents like “my kids probably won’t be smiling” or “my kid doesn't like a stranger, more so than other kids”. I want to comfort you that I love playing and photographing kids and I never anticipate your kids to behave perfectly and smile at the camera for all photo sessions. As a fact, I find myself playing fun games in order to prepare your kids for the ideal shoots. My goal is to make your kids feel good and has a lot of fun.

So if you’re scrolling through our family photo portfolio thinking, “I know my kids will not smile like that,” – I feel you and know your situation. I teach all of my parents to let kids be kids, I learn to know what your kids want, and I will use all technics to connect with your kids to capture the most beautiful memories for your family. I always lean to have a photo shoot as fun as possible, from start to finish. And if something isn’t working as you want, we will look and listen, until we find something that works for your kids!

Want to book your own Mombasa, Kenya Coast family photo session? Now is the perfect time! Drop me a message and let’s get you on the calendar!

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