Diani Beach Kenyan Engagement Couple Photos

Encountering a couple for the first time to do their engagement photos is one of my favorite junctures! When we meet a beautiful couple for the first time doing their engagement photography is one of our favorite photo sessions. Not only are they so eager to take pictures together, but their smiles and body language are just full of love and tenderness.

Redundant to say their energy and reciprocity make my job a whole lot easier and way more enjoyable! And nothing could be more sincere than when I met up with name and name to take some Diani Beach engagement photos!

This beautiful couple contacted me about their engagement photoshoot in Diani Beach. They traveled from Dubai to celebrate a Kenyan wedding, with family and friends.

We chose Baobab & Kole Kole resort as the location for an engagement shoot, which would give a different style of photos they would love to have on their wedding day in Swahili Beach.

Just look at those happy faces! We decided to do their shoot at the Diani because it is one of their beloved beach spots on the Kenyan Coast.

To tie the knot in Swahili Beach in Diani, as a matter of fact, I have a blog concerning this wedding here on my website. I adore taking the time to get to know a couple’s history how they met and what their future wedding plans are.

By the time the session has come to an end, I feel like I’ve made two new friends and I am genuinely ecstatic for their big day! Congratulations on your Kenyan engagement, name a name!
Are you recently engaged and still deciding on the location of your approaching engagement photoshoot?

For some couples, deciding where to do their engagement photos can be quite challenging. Would you rather go to a park, head down to a local beach, or pick a random meadow?

Meantime any of the preceding options are appealing choices, the best engagement photo session concepts, and locations rotate around a meaningful recollection. Where did he thrust the question? How about your first kiss? Or more commonly, where is a place that you both love visiting?

Engagement photos are your time to gleam and adding a special location, for instance, Diani Beach as mentioned before into the blend will only make those pictures more abiding and special to you and your future spouse.

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