Masai Mara Kenya Safari Love Story Portraits


This year, Steven & Kelsey are planning to get married!

Their pre-wedding trip to Maasai Mara was a little gift for each other, and chance to runaways from reality and enjoy pure nature. So she makes a big effort and brought her wedding dress all way from Beijing to their Kenya love story safari!

It was a beautiful time we spent together! On their second morning in Kenya, we went from Nairobi to Maasai Mara together. We got a chance and took some pictures on our way till we reach the National Reserve entrance. And this was that moment when I saw all these wild animals just walking around us…just amazing! Our couple knew they didn't want to do any posing and just be natural, so we got just a few great memories from this trip to Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp.

I was so impressed by this Camp that on the next day, we agreed to meet for our pre-wedding shoot here. And we had so amazing photos! Enjoy this Masai Mara Safari Pre-Wedding Love Story.


Masai Mara Safari Pre-Wedding Photographer

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