Newlywed Honeymoon Photography in Kenya

Newlyweds who want to relax in a beach resort should consider Kenya. This country strikes the imagination with its nature and fauna, ancient architecture, and amazing Kenyan cities. Holidays on the shores of the Indian Ocean under the real African sun. Mombasa, Malindi, an impressive state in southeast Africa, allows you to combine a beach holiday with an exciting safari.

Kenya Honeymoon Photo Session

The wedding is over, but all fun will begin now. After the wedding ceremony is finished and all of your happy guests are waiting for you to share photographs with them, the happy bride and groom know what to envision next. Whether it’s the following day or a week later, there’s always a honeymoon after a wedding. Kenya Beaches is chosen as a honeymoon destination because of how romantic Kenya is.

Why pick Kenya

There are many reasons that Kenya should be the best honeymoon destination for you and your other half. These include the natural beauty, the plenty of hotels, resorts, and spas, the luxurious white sand beaches, and the inspiring culture. Kenya is one of the most well-known tropical paradises, with its stunning landscapes – filled with wonders. Whether you find yourself on the safari or on the white sands of Kenya Coast Beach, you’ll have a honeymoon to remember.

Finding a Kenyan honeymoon photographer

You’ve chosen your resort or hotel, and you are ready for the best couple's holiday of your life. But why should your honeymoon be any less unique or important than your wedding? Why not have more photos taken on this trip as a newly wedded couple? Booking a honeymoon photographer can be less stressful than booking a wedding photographer. The photographs can be more natural, romantic, and unforgettable. You can recreate any style you want and make excellent memories with your chosen photographer!

At first, it may seem not easy to find a photographer willing to come out to you while you’re honeymooning in Kenya Beach – but this shouldn’t be so difficult! For a devoted newlywed couple photographer will be happy to travel, never-mind which beach you staying at. Photography is more than just taking a photo; it’s about taking a memory and giving it a physical manifestation. That’s what we strive to do with our Kenya honeymoon photography packages.

Potential shoot locations

We want to share the list of perfect photo session locations in Kenya Coast. Any of these would make for a great background while you and your husband spend your Kenya honeymoon together.

Diani Beach

Newlyweds admire the huge beach strip covered with snow-white sand. There are many tourists, due to a large number of super hotels. Diani beach has various entertainment services, including a volleyball court, rental of all kinds of water transport, golf, tennis, camel riding, etc. There are many restaurants in the surrounding area.


There is a recreation area south of Mombasa, and just 19 min drive from Diani Beach. The main feature of Tiwi beach is the absence of noisy tourists. The Tiwi beach, covered with even white sand, stretches for several kilometers, and throughout this stretch, it will be difficult to find a place with any kind of "civilization". There are no rental points for beach equipment, and there are no cafes and eateries beloved by everyone.


White and soft sandy beach, low tides every morning, the water goes far enough from the coastline and back usually by afternoon.

Diving is popular in Nyali Beach and spectacular coral reefs for lovers of the underwater depths. Couples can enjoy traditional meals at local restaurants. The average check will be $120. North of the beach is Haller Park. There are first-class hotels in the area that can provide a spa service to everyone


Shanzu beach is rightfully considered one of the best in all of Kenya. Huge coastline covered with white sand. Palm trees grow throughout the recreation area and create a fertile shade. The landscape resembles an advertising picture and pleases the heart. In order to get to the beach, you will have to pay a small fee. Hotels and guest houses are located within walking distance of Shanzu. The average price for accommodation ranges from 300 to 100 dollars per day, so everyone can find an offer for themselves. A visit to Heller Park is highly recommended. You can get to Shanzu by taxi from Mombasa.


Watamu Beach is the center of attraction for all lovers of African flora and honeymoon couples who want to relax alone with nature. However, this does not mean that you will have to sleep in tents or on tree branches. Local hotels provide comfortable accommodation.

Watamu is home to many birds, as well as sea turtles that bury their eggs in the white sand. Another, but no less significant reason why you should visit Watamu Beach is excellent diving. Having plunged into the water, you can see many representatives of the marine world, including octopuses, rays, and even sharks. In addition to tourists, friendly monkeys like to frolic on the beach.

From Malindi, the coast is 28 km. If coming from Mombasa, it will take a couple of hours to get to Watamu Beach.


This place has remained virtually unchanged since the 18th century. In the middle of a golden sandy beach lies the ancient city of Lamu. Narrow roads, and no cars, so you have to choose a donkey, a boat, or on foot. Few palms, but lots of mango bushes.

Honeymooners offer Dhow boat tours, so couples in love come here to spend their romantic getaway in one of the luxury villas. In addition to such houses and private boarding houses, there are a large number of modern hotels with pleasant price offers.

The best vacation spot, where dozens of religions and cultures have intertwined under the weight of time.

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