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Lighting Wedding Evening Reception

The Best Lighting For Your Wedding Evening Reception
The newlyweds should always remember to pay enough attention to Wedding Ceremony Decoration and Lightings in order to get the best images of they Wedding Day.

Most wedding receptions in the Kenyan coast begin around sunset time and continue deep in to the night - and here is nothing more beautiful like having the wedding on the beach under the stars! What to look when choosing a Wedding venue location? Why you need a special light for your Wedding dinner?

Outdoor night wedding! Gorgeous setting! You have it all! But the human eye sees a picture different then any professional camera, we see more brighter image, more illuminated. Unfortunately, the equipment (even the most expensive) is not so strong to see the world as it is seen by our eyes.This means a your evening wedding reception in the photos will look even more darker than it actually is.

The Best Lighting For Your Wedding Evening Reception

The Best Lighting For Your Wedding Evening Reception

In addition, often the lighting in wedding venue is done in such a way that the newlyweds and their guests are not falling into very beautiful light. This is manifested in the fact that the shadow may appear under the eyes present at the evening images - which will look like bruises.

The Best Lighting For Your Wedding Evening Reception

What about Flash? - you ask. Yes, in a restaurant room or hall photographer will benefit from using a flash, but the flash will not be able to perform the best for outdoor wedding as we have no walls to reflect light, flash just fire in sky….

My best advice for couples who choose to celebrate they wedding outdoor - you should decorate your reception with the beautiful canopy of lights, colourful led lights, smoke, candles on the tables, etc., that will help to create romantic atmosphere of celebration and fun!