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Family and Beach Wedding Ceremony

Kenyan Beach Ceremony – Destination Wedding Destined to Gain Family Blessings. Apart from some of the most beautiful places in Kenya to celebrate weddings
We grew up reading books by Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, and somewhere, deep inside our minds, we strummed up thoughts and started to connect the dots for the perfect Mr. Darcy for our future selves. Dressing up as bridesmaids as we grew up in floor gowns, dancing at the junior proms with our first dates, and then catching the bouquets at subsequent weddings has always made us think – how will our wedding be like? There have always been a hundred thousand questions acquainted to this mere thought – the dress, the flowers, the photo shoots and many portraits, the aisle walk, and then finally, the reception.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Destined To Gain Family Blessings

However, as we grow up, things usually start to change and hence, begin to matter. We decide to put forth what matters to us the most when we meet the one; and all our eyes would ever wish to see would be in favor of a completely relaxed bride and a happy groom minus the stress and anxiety. We hear tales about traditional Scottish weddings held at chapels where the bride has to wear sashes with her dress. There is nothing more impressive than a quaint, traditional yet private wedding at a remote yet cumbersome place where you could see only your best friends and your family gathered around you, sending best wishes at every step you took.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Destined To Gain Family Blessings

As far as our youth today is concerned, all we worry about is how things would take their toll as we grow up, and as to how our future amendments would take place. Apart from some of the most beautiful places in Kenya to celebrate weddings and hold receptions at, many of our clientele cater to have the most romantic of all weddings – affairs which would cast a huge impression on their children when they swift through the golden pages of an album in the years to come.

Kenyan Beach is considered to be quite a traditional retreat mainly because of the balmy Indian Ocean breeze and the soft sand that sometimes holds quite a major resemblance to soft talcum powder. However, the Kenyan Beach showcases the shore and the waves as the most recreational yet traditional escape in sight, and has been depicted as one of the most quaint-cum-tranquil places to hold weddings at. In order to have an unforgettable experience, all you need to do is entertain yourself and your partner at a private estate or a friend’s home or villa, and take off for a beach resort at the Kenyan Beach for a private yet intimate wedding.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Destined To Gain Family Blessings

In order to make your stunning wedding a blessing and immensely unforgettable and fun, invite your closest friends for an intimate and private family wedding at a beach villa with lots of tasty food, smart guests and loads of gifts to open with gift-wrappings complimenting a décor fit for a queen’s reign. The red carpet pays its due respects to the bridesmaids, and slays the photos and the wedding portraits with the sea in the background and the sunset dwelling over nature’s most awaited and promised bucket list.

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