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Love story photoshoot: ideas for couple

Love story photo session in Mombasa: 6 original ideas and tips for couples preparation.
Love Story translates as a story of love means the couple's pre-wedding photo session. It may be like a simple joint walk through beautiful locations or a thoughtful, directed story of a proposal. If you are now looking for a photographer for Love Story, see information about us and more examples of our work here.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

What is a love story photoshoot?

Usually, a love story photo session is held a couple of weeks before the wedding to get used to the camera, see how the photographer works, find out how well the couple is doing in the photo. There can be many reasons, because, as a rule, couples have no professional filming experience at all and want to practice posing before the wedding.

Most often at the first meeting with future newlyweds, you can hear the phrase: "We do not know how to pose at all, this is our first experience of professional photography, so we are a little worried ...". This is normal story, you don't have to be able to pose at all, the photographer will tell you in detail about the shooting process and how it works even at the first meeting. And at the wedding itself, photographer will tell you how to get up and what to do in the frame. But theory is best fixed in practice, so a pre-wedding photo session for couple would be an excellent solution.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

Who exactly needs a Love Story photoshoot?

For those who are worried that they turn out badly in the photos.

There is a category of people who are sure that they just turn out awfully in the photo. This is evidenced by the experience of joint photographs from holidays, parties, and ordinary selfies. In this case, on the wedding day, the guys are very worried, they diligently pose for the camera, which, as a rule, looks unnatural.

Love story photo session is an ideal solution to this problem because you will have the opportunity not only to get used to the camera but also to see yourself in photographs even before the wedding. Usually, such couples are pleasantly surprised by the result of the pre-wedding shooting, it inspires the guys at the wedding, giving a sense of confidence in front of the camera.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

For those who want to show the pre-wedding shooting at the wedding reception.

Many couples show a love story photo session during a banquet or a reception in a slideshow format. Sometimes they put a special emphasis on this, showing a love story, as a surprise for the guests of the celebration. Beautiful, interesting shooting can be a real highlight of the evening.

For those who have a rather modest celebration for those closest to you.

In the past few years, couples have become more likely to give preference to intimate celebrations and photo sessions for two. In this case, you can hold a Love Story photo session in wedding dresses on one day, and for registration and dinner with guests on another, without unnecessary fuss and cameras. The plus is that at the wedding reception, you can show the guests a ready-made wedding series.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

What is the reason for photographing Love Story?

It is generally accepted that the photographing love story is always carried out as a preparation part for the wedding, but this is not at all the case, because there are still many reasons for a joint photo session for couple. Let's tell you which ones:


Love Story couple photo session is a great opportunity to prepare for the wedding day, plus get beautiful shots for a wedding album.

Wedding anniversary photoshoot

A wedding anniversary is a warm, soulful holiday that newlyweds often celebrate together.
In this case, the Love Story photo session is a great idea for how to arrange a small holiday for yourself and your soulmate. Some couples organise a stylised shoot for two, this is a good way to renew their wedding vows to each other and get beautiful pictures.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

Marriage proposal

This photo session is organised by the future groom. For a bride photo shot put as a simple photo session for two.But the groom and the photographer discuss in advance at what moment the engagement ring will be presented to have time to capture all the genuine emotions. As a rule, such photographs turn out to be very sincere and emotional, revising them years later, you can relive the most bright emotions in the life of a couple.

On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is another great occasion to hold a love story for a couple. This gives a lot of ideas for the imagination: you can have a romantic photo session for two in the studio or outdoors, the main thing is to think over interesting images, which can be complemented with stylish accessories in the spirit of February 14th.

How to prepare for a love story photoshoot?


First of all, you need to decide what style the coupe photo session will be. Do you want to be photographed in the studio or on the street? At the beach or against the backdrop of cityscapes? Will you need additional decor, details, and other attributes? It will be simply a photo session for two or the storytelling of your proposal. These and many other questions are worth discussing with the photographer so that a common understanding of where the photoshoot will take place and what images need to be captured.


It is worthwhile to think over the idea of ​​a photoshoot in advance and choose the appropriate inspiration images: it can be a cozy coverage in casual outfits, a walk in the city in everyday looks, or a stylised photo session in wedding or evening dresses. In any case, you need to think over the images in advance.


Often, future brides schedule a wedding hairstyle and makeup rehearsal for the day of the photoshoot. At the same time, you can check how the makeup looks in the photo and how much holds up well.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

Top 6 photoshoot ideas for a couple

1. Love story photo session in nature.

Perhaps the most common and not difficult to organise pre-wedding shooting option. However, it can be very beautiful if you choose a good location.

2. Romantic photo session for two in the hotel.

Many couples choose hotel interiors as a location for a photoshoot. Mombasa has a very large selection of hotels with a wide variety of interiors, from a classic to a luxurious. There are even hotels stylised as an apartment in which it is ideal to photograph cozy lifestyle love stories. You can choose the right option for any concept.

3. Photo session for a couple on the streets of Mombasa.

Another great idea is a love story walk along the city streets. There is a lot of dynamics, geometry, and beautiful architecture in such a photo session. But, here it is important to choose a suitable route in advance, where, on the one hand, there is an interesting landscape, on the other, not too crowded. A crowd of people on the background not only spoils the picture but also prevents the couple from relaxing in front of the photographer's lens.

4. Wedding photoshoot for a couple.

Love story photo sessions are not always held before the wedding, it is also a great idea for an anniversary. In this case, couples often choose wedding looks. Moreover, it is not necessary to get your wedding dress out of the closet; you can rent a dress for a photoshoot, trying on a more modern image of the bride.

Renewal of vows is a very beautiful and touching tradition: an arch in a picturesque place and you two. Years in marriage: joint joys and sorrows, disputes and reconciliation, trials, and compromises - but you are still together, your bond has become even stronger. Surely you will get very touching vows to each other. If you want to update them without unnecessary eyes, you can take a few frames with vows in hand, and then ask the photographer to wait and say the words to each other face-to-face.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

5. History of the first meeting.

This is a very popular love story. If your real dating story seems banal, it doesn't matter, many couples, together with photographers come up with a plot that will be interesting to watch, not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests of the celebration. It could be like
romantic or funny story, it all depends on your wishes.

6. Engagement proposal.

A popular subject for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Sometimes the future groom invites a photographer, to capture the real moment of the proposal. To make the love story look complete, you can show the moment of the proposal at the end, remove the bride's hand with an engagement ring, or show the treasured box in the frame. This will be a beautiful ending to the love story in the photo, but also a connecting moment with the wedding photographs.

Love story photoshoot: 6 stylish ideas for couple

I hope our ideas and advice will inspire you for beautiful love story photo sessions and help you create a strong story that will become decoration of the wedding and family album.