Non-disclosure Agreement

"A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is available for privacy-conscious clients."
"Non-disclosure agreements are also known as confidentiality agreements (CA) and secrecy agreements (SA).

Photographing some of the most influential people on the earth has meant that trust has been, one of the foundations of our brand.

Whether we are dealing with HNW individuals and their families, or indeed anyone in the public eye who wishes to remain private, maintaining and protecting their privacy is of paramount importance.

In the case of photography, a (C.A.) Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement {N.D.A.} is a legal agreement agreed between two parties.

It is created to best protect the interests of the clients, their family, and their guests from the outside world.
To that end, NDA is useful for clients who may have a public identity. They are also useful for individuals with a profession or a status that requires absolute anonymity.

Should you wish to keep your photographs private and put a non-disclosure agreement in place, please let us know.

This agreement creates a confidential relationship between us. When I create photographs, you grant me the right to use and publish your photos for editorial, trade, advertising, and photographic competition. This means that I might display your photos on my website.

If that's not something you can allow, then I offer NDA options. With an NDA, I'll never display your photographs, disclose your names, or publicly discuss your event.